It’s the sting of salt licking the wounds on your legs as you first step into the ocean.

It’s the wind exerting the pressure needed to break the unhinged branch from its trunk.

It’s the rain beginning its unrelenting downpour minutes away from your walk home.

It’s your wedding ring being washed offshore a week into your honeymoon.

It’s your new computer crashing.

It’s that first eager sip of coffee burning your tongue.

It’s a hole in a tin roof, dripping water onto the freshly painted floor below.

It’s a broken down tram you’re trying to catch on your way to meet friends.

It’s noticing a tear in your stockings after stepping into a party.

It’s a mouse being passed from paw to paw, in agony awaiting its fateful end.

It’s someone talking about their woes at work, when all you have experienced lately is the lows of loss.

It’s a bird caged for 13 years, and finally meeting its demise a day after breaking free from its metal prison.

It’s a trusted secret told to your enemy.

It’s a one-way person living in a two-way friendship.

Betrayal is worldly. Betrayal is opportunistic. Betrayal is circumstantial. Betrayal is random.

Betrayal is worst when it’s personal.

It’s being treated as anyone, by the person you treat as someone.




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