About Me 2.0

I’m on the verge. I’m on the verge of being a beachside babe. I’m on the verge of falling pregnant again. I’m on the version of some massive life changes.

I’m a contradiction. I wear a ‘I love tea’ badge on my work lanyard, yet drink coffee obsessively every single day.

I’m a Mum to a princess, a cheeky monkey, a rebelling circus tiger and a clever cookie. No I don’t have 4 kids. She is ALL of those things.

Because I’m a Mum, I will tear you to pieces if I must, because a fairly large not-quite-watermelon shaped object has passed through my nether-regions, therefore I’ve experienced it ALL.

However I’m also sensitive and will easily cower away and hide under a rock, so if a smiley-faced nurse gently removes blood from my veins, I will still pass out in a hot mess of hysteria.

I consider all sides and find it hard to sit at one side of the fence at times (I prefer teetering like the cat that I am) however I’m fiercely passionate about being passionate and staying real. Living life. Being honest. Doing what you want now. Not taking short-cuts to happiness.

I also have a husband, and he has no clue half the stuff I write about him on here.

SmikG… a work in progress, and a hell of a lot of fun writing, eating, and living my way through the crazy of life…

Also, you may be interested to note that if sunshine and roses tickle your fancy more, or you just need a jolt of wake-up-happy-time most days, or you wear a lot of black and think it time you start wearing yellow, well look no further, head on over to my gratitude blog:


where I had the intense joy of discovering how to ‘appreciate’ after an idiot rammed my brand new car.

Life is wonderfully vivid, isn’t it?!