Sightings of People as Passionate About (Addicted to) Coffee as I am (SOPAPACAIA) #13

About 9:15am on Thursday the 4th of April.

Where? A 7-Eleven in Mornington.

Sighted: An elderly man shuffling back to a car parked at a petrol pump…

He is old. About 80 I’d say. His white hair matches that of his female driver waiting for him as he makes his way over, ever so slowly…

But his snail pace is more for his state of age than the two coffees held in each hand – however it doesn’t do the journey any harm. No fear of spillage here. He heads into the white Hyundai, his white shoes lifting up carefully so as not to stir the air, as he settles into the car.

I watch them from behind as I fill my tank, as he passes a coffee cup to his companion.

Coffee lovers at all ages… now that is a couple after my heart. ♥♥


Photo by Tessa Simpson on Unsplash



Sightings of People as Passionate About (Addicted to) Coffee as I am (SOPAPACAIA) #12

Precisely 2:02pm, on Wednesday the 7th of November.

Location? King Street, Melbourne CBD.

Sighted: A petite woman in a superbly fitted blue suit. Skinny and tall.

She is carrying a purse in one hand, a folder of documents under her arm, and in her other hand…

A coffee tray containing 3 coffees.

She is walking carefully, watching where her awfully narrow heels will fall.

Avoid that dirt surrounding the random plants, girlfriend. Avoid those lines in the footpath.

A narrow heel and a uneven tray of coffee could possibly spell disaster…

But this, is a woman on a mission.

This woman will not give up.

This woman will do anything to get her coffee, and keep her colleagues amicable at the same time…

This, is a dangerous and powerful woman.

Watch out world. This is my kind of woman 😉


Photo by Cleo Vermij at Unsplash



Sightings of People as Passionate About (Addicted to) Coffee as I am (SOPAPACAIA) #11

About 4pm, Greensborough Road Macleod.

Sighted: A woman holding two coffee cups, with a packaged ‘something’ wedged in between.

Standing calmly outside the servo, waiting for the traffic to cease.

In 35 degree heat.

You know those people that don’t drink coffee when it’s hot?

Yeah, they’re not REAL coffee drinkers.

But this woman right here, that’s a woman after my heart 🙂

Sightings of People as Passionate About (Addicted to) Coffee as I am (SOPAPACAIA) #10

10:40am, Nepean Highway Frankston

Sighted: A woman holding a Maccas bag and a takeaway coffee cup.

Hold up, what? Is this something unusual, seeing a person walk away from a takeaway restaurant with food and drink? Let me re-phrase (and re-paint the picture)…

10:40am, Nepean Highway Frankston. Grey day, the one where it is Summer but Summer rain and every other dark element has decided to reign down on us (pardon the pun). It is raining, the wind is intense, and this woman is standing at the intersection outside McDonalds waiting for the green man to appear, looking fairly calm as she is throttled by the unnatural season.

The coffee cup firmly in her hand, clearly getting soaked.

I don’t know if that says more about her coffee obsession, or the folk that frequent Frankston, but either way…


Sightings of People as Passionate About (Addicted to) Coffee as I am (SOPAPACAIA) #9

Blended Beard, Docklands

Sighted: My work colleague

As we walk into the café this morning, me following close behind her, one of the passionate and dedicated baristas behind the counter sees her and calls out “hello X” (X being her name obviously).

She is known by her name, by the baristas, in a very busy café that sees literally hundreds of people swarm through for coffee each business day?

Totally jelly. Must ‘up’ my work hours…

Sightings of People as Passionate About (Addicted to) Coffee as I am (SOPAPACAIA) #8

Highpoint Shopping Centre

Sighted: Two women

Another one at Highpoint, I know. We were sitting at a stocked-to-the-capacity, swept-off-their-feet Jaspers (again) and since it was on for young and old in regards to who could snap up a vacant table the fastest, when two women stood up from a nearby spot, we naturally looked over to see how long it would take for someone to jump on it.

Shock horror!!!

A practically full latte, sitting un-drunk, on the table.

Dum, da dum dum.

WOW. Hubbie and I were impressed. I mean, I’ve never had that bad a coffee that I would leave it as is, unconsumed, on the table, and walk away. But this lady let her friend drink her own coffee, and then left her latte, just like that!

That takes balls.

And then of course, we were picturing the look on the barista’s face as they received the virtually untouched latte that they had prepared…

Tsk tsk tsk.

Ours was great, no issues. So you have to wonder… coffee error (on the barista’s behalf), coffee snob (on the woman’s behalf) or….

Just a really passionate woman who passionately loves her coffee to the extent she will get up and LEAVE a bad one?

High five woman. Put it there.

You gotta fight, for your right, to good coffeeeeee…


Sightings of People as Passionate about (Addicted to) Coffee as I am (SOPAPACAIA) #7

SOPAPACAIA Sighting #7

Highpoint Shopping Centre

Hubbie and I

Another self-sighting, I know, I know. But SOPAPACAIA was the first word that sprang to mind when we first had coffees and pastries at Cacao yesterday, only to walk down to Jasper’s a mere minute away and order some more.


Hubbie’s latte at Cacao had too much texturised foamy milk, and not enough coffee! And after having an apricot Danish, I just felt my unsatisfied deep desire for a doughnut intensified…

First world problems, I know.

So at Jasper’s Hubbie got his proper latte in a clear glass (Cacao had put theirs in a cute mug – tsk tsk tsk), while I got this strawberry bomb-doughnut type thingy…

I sipped from his latte, he pecked from my doughnut, and baby girl got mouthfuls of more sweet stuff.

And we walked away in a high sugary-induced state.



Sightings of People as Passionate about (Addicted to) Coffee as I am (SOPAPACAIA) #5 & #6

It has been a while, but do not believe it’s because my coffee radar has been turned off.

Life. Baby girl. Hubbie. Writing. Reviews. And always, ALWAYS coffee.

Two noms to two work colleagues:


SOPAPACAIA Sighting #5

Docklands cafe

Sighted: Work dude from an adjoining department

Not so much a when-and-where, but the frequency of his coffee-at-work outings. Known to have coffee at the onset of café opening at 7am, then to return again to the same café hours later for ANOTHER caffeine hit.

Wow. My idol.

SOPAPACAIA Sighting #6

My workplace

Sighted: My fellow work colleague, who after (not so aggressive – actually, none at all) persuasion, decided to come and get a coffee with me on my morning walk only 7 days into his month-long coffee hiatus.

He couldn’t be without coffee anymore. And guess what? He drinks mochas.


Sightings of People as Passionate about (Addicted to) Coffee as I am (SOPAPACAIA) #4

SOPAPACAIA Sighting #4

A shopping centre in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne

Sighted: Me

Now before you go accusing me of being all narcissistic, I will let you know that

1) I despise narcissists, having had the unfortunate hand of having to deal with one such stellar example all too closely in my life, taking me to the scarred-for-life point-of-no-return dimension, and

2) I was actually NOMINATED by a passer-by. With the observation “You’re on a mission! With a trolley, and a coffee… and a baby!”

Yes sir, indeed. You have no idea. Explaining now.

Last week I was charging through my local shopping centre, with coffee in one hand, the other manoeuvring the shonky trolley which was only 1/3 full (you all know how shocking the trolleys get once they are full – well envision a packed trolley with a toddler in there too). The coffee was too, too hot (bittersweet scenario in fact), the trolley was moving from side to side, I was trying to entertain baby girl as well as I could while passing the too-hot coffee from burnt hand to burnt hand, manoeuvring said trolley between hot hands in between, and aware of the time factor, and HUGE shopping trip I was just beginning.

If the shopping takes too long, baby girl starts to get irritable. No one wants an irritable littlie around Christmas time.

This huge man started to walk by me, and with big eyes poked his head in my direction and said the above, with an incredulous, Islander accent.

I rest my case.

Sightings of People as Passionate about (Addicted to) Coffee as I am (SOPAPACAIA) #1, 2 and 3

SOPAPACAIA Sighting #1

High Street, Thomastown, Melbourne

A man is seen crossing the road in a hurry, avoiding oncoming traffic, with two coffees in his hand. He comes to a car parked alongside the road: there waiting is his partner. He hands her a coffee, and they both run into their car with the most determined conviction.

There are a couple after my heart. No day or list of jobs is ready to be undertaken without a coffee firmly in hand.

SOPAPACAIA Sighting #2

Lygon Street, Brunswick East, Melbourne

8am, a man is spotted with a pram, waiting at an intersection to cross the road, with a tray of 4 coffees in one hand.

8am. One hand pushing pram, the other holding a tray of coffees. For a sitcom situation to occur, all that baby in the pram has to do is start crying. That is all.

I salute you sir.

SOPAPACAIA Sighting #3

Bay Street, Port Melbourne, Melbourne

A woman crosses Bay street pushing a pram, groceries in the undercarriage compartment, a baby strapped to her chest, with a coffee in one hand.

Multi-tasking at its best. Determination to go home with coffee at its finest.