Things that shit me… #9

Redundant questions.

These are the questions that are asked and will favourably be answered in the questioners favour, no matter how you feel, opposite or in line to their query. However, unfortunately, the answer that comes out of your mouth is usually to your detriment.

Examples are:

“Did you want me to move for you?”

“Is it okay if I bring X, Y and Z along (to our private long overdue intimate) catch-up?”

“Are you upset at that comment I made?”

In these circumstances, this is how I respond, IN MY MIND:

“Yes I do want you to move for me because you’re sitting in my regular seat!”

“No, I don’t want you to bring X, Y, and Z along, I think X is an up-herself bitch, Y has insecurity issues which makes her lack respect for elders, and Y – just don’t go there. I haven’t seen you in years, why are you doing this?”

“Yes I am bloody upset with you! Did you see my face as you stabbed that metaphorical sword through my heart?”

But, instead, my mouth smiles forcibly and says:

“No, that’s okay.”

Grrr, argh.




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