Things that shit me… #4

Staying with the car theme… people with big cars, that can’t drive. Add to that also, people with small cars, who still can’t drive.

Two cases in point. 1.

The other day as I was leaving my local shopping centre car park, a huge tractor-type thing pulled out in front of me, rather annoyingly I might add. Knowing she couldn’t drive, she should have let me go before blocking my path. I watched, unimpressed, as she reversed out of her park, having a metre between the back of her car and the car parked behind her, and then moved forward again. And then again she moved back, turning her car… and then leaving that whole metre (maybe more) of space behind her, she stopped, and then moved forward again.

She did the whole thing AGAIN, before finally managing to take off.

Some advice lady. Firstly, know how long your car is, so you don’t have to resemble the stupidest (and also funniest) scene in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.


Secondly, just learn how to freaking drive.


Randomly, cars that are turning right into a street, that have to veer widely around to the left forming a semi-circle, before making their turn. Just drive straight, then turn right. You are driving a matchbox after all. It’s not hard.

Also small car drivers that *gasp-shock-horror* perform the above case 1 scenario, unable to get their car out of a park and having to do the back-forward dance a zillion times… and they have a small car.

(Shakes head).


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