Things that shit me… #2

Definition of RSVP: répondez s’il vous plait. (French = please respond)

I have grown to despise those who can’t, or due to some inane reason, RSVP on time. Or worse, at all.

We’ve had a couple of events all in the same month: our baby girl’s Christening, followed weeks later by her birthday. Do you think all guests invited were able to let us know of their in/attendance?


There were those, that when we called them AFTER the RSVP, told us that they were indeed sorry for the oversight of not RSVPing on time. These people, barely get a pass. Then there were those, who when I asked them politely if they had received the invite, responded almost defensively, assuring me they were going to let me know they were in fact coming to our event. When? At her next birthday?

Then there were those who we had to chase. And there was that one, who ‘changed their minds,’ making me go into a change seating frenzy at the 13th hour.

Grrrr. Argh.

I’ve come to one conclusion. Those lacking any RSVP etiquette will not be receiving any further invitations from us (if only it were that easy) as well as a right royal ‘up yours’ and the extension of my most tallest and middle finger.

Also, I came upon the most fantastic idea. From now on, those who don’t RSVP on time, just won’t be allowed to attend. This is best put into place when of course the function you’re holding is outside of the home. When they call with ‘am I too late?’ the reply will be, ‘yes, yes you are.’

Or ‘we’re coming.’
‘Oh sorry, you actually can’t come, the deadline was last week.’

How gratifying to stick it to someone like that.

I hate chasing people. I invite you, I send you an invitation, and at the very least, you should let me know if you’re attending. Failure to do so will now result in the expulsion from all future fantastic parties by moi.

Annoying people, hmph.


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