Twisted Lyrics #2

Let’s get into some John Legend people! Come on, let’s sing ‘All Of Me’ together:

“What would I do without –




“- your small love.”

‘What would I do without your small love.’ This opening line baffled me for months and months. I thought it was some kind of metaphor. It’s a small love, yet a great love, something like that. Only once actually letting myself listen to the song and not inserting the words I thought I could hear, did I realize one day driving home from work:

“What would I do without your smart mouth.”

Ahhhh. John Legend you cheeky devil. Now that makes sense. Not only are you having a sly dig at your model missus, but you’ve done so so stealthily in a love song, so that she can’t even argue about it… the song is dedicated to her after all.

Honest. Direct. Hi Five Borat-style John Legend, you smart mouth.